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    Art is back at Columbine!

    Since it is now second semester, art is back at Columbine! Your students have art for the second half of the year & I am excited to be here! Here’s our projects we’re starting with!

    4th graders are starting with a painting project called Complementary Color Names. They learn about complementary colors, choosing a pair to work with! Either red with green, blue with orange, or yellow with violet. They draw their name in bubble letters, then draw stripes through their name, painting every other space using the pair of complementary colors they chose! The end result is awesome!

    3rd graders are starting art with a drawing project called The Day ___ Came to Life! Students draw a picture of something coming to life that has NEVER been alive before: a pencil, an ice cream cone, a shoe…anything they can think of! They draw how it would look alive, as well as what it would be doing!

    2nd graders are starting art with a painting project called Watercolor Butterflies. To start, students folded a big piece of paper in half, and traced half of a butterfly onto the paper. We learned the word “symmetrical” and how it means the same on both sides! Since butterflies are symmetrical, we only had to trace half of it, cut it out, then open our paper to show a full butterfly! The next time in art, we painted with watercolor paints to make beautiful symmetrical watercolor butterflies!

    1st graders started art with a project called The Secret Life of Me! We read the book The Secret Life of Walter Kitty where the cat dreams of being something else! We talked about what kind of secret lives we could have, and we drew ourselves doing something secret!

    I’m looking forward to a wonderful semester ahead of us! There is much more fun to be had in art class!

    Mrs. Ruder