• Staff Directory


    Vicki Davis - Principal

    Vicki has been the Principal since the 2005-2006 school year.  She came to us from Pennsylvania.

    Extension 47600 
    Direct Line:  370-6447
    Email:  vicki.davis@morgan.k12.co.us

    Michele Parks - Administrative Assistant

    Michele started with us at the 1999-2000 school year.

    Extension 47610 
    Direct Line:  370-6448
    Email: mparks@morgan.k12.co.us

    Fred Pinzenscham - Math/Business/Technology

    Please welcome Fred as this is his first year with us.  He teaches Math/Business and Technology.  

    Extension 47103 
    Direct Line:  370-6450
    Email:  fred.pinzenscham@morgan.k12.co.us

    Aaron DeLay - Language Arts




    We welcome Aaron for his second school year with us.  He came to us from FMMS.  He teaches Language Arts.

    Extension 47111 
    Direct Line:  370-6456
    Email:  aaron.delay@morgan.k12.co.us

     Laura Moore - Science/Health


    This is Laura's first year here at Lincoln High School.  She teaches Science/Health/Parenting.  

    Extension 47102 
    Direct Line:  370-6449
    Email:  laura.moore@morgan.k12.co.us

    Zach Patton - Social Studies

    This is Zach's first year with us.  He teaches Social Studies and Personal Fianance.

    Extension 47104 
    Direct Line:  370-6451
    Email:  zach.patton@morgan.k12.co.us

    Zoe Sowers - Counselor

    2021-2022 is Zoe's first year with us. 

    Extension 47110 
    Direct Line:  370-6455
    Email:  zoe.sowers@morgan.k12.co.us

    Margarit Narvaez - Family Liaison

    Margarit is starting her 1st year with us for the 2015-2015 school year.  We share her with Baker, FMMS and the District Support Center.

    Extension 47106 
    Direct Line:  370-6452
    Email:  margarit.narvaez@morgan.k12.co.us

    Michael Garcia - Advance Learning Program


    Extension 47108
    Direct Line:  370-6453
    Email:  michael.garcia@morgan.k12.co.us


    Bernadette Botha - School Health Professional




    This is Bernadette first year with Lincoln.  We share her with FMMS and FMHS.  She will be providing resources and support for Marijuana and vape.  

    Extension 47106
    Direct Line: 370-6452
    Email: bernadette.botha@morgan.k12.co.us



    Kevin Wampler - Special Education/Instructional Coach/Intervention



     This is Kevin sencond year with us.  Kevin will be doing our special education along with student intervention.  He will has be the instructional coach for our teachers.   

    Extension 47101 
    Direct Line:  370-6459
    Email:  kevin.wampler@morgan.k12.co.us

    Liz Rasmussen  - Interventionist 


     This is Liz's sencond year with us, but in a new position. 


    Extension 47110

    Direct Line:  970-370-6455

    Email:  liz.rasmussen@morgan.k12.co.us