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What is Lincoln High School?

  • We at Lincoln High School believe that each person is unique, that each learner has a right to an opportunity to become a mature and knowledgeable person through education; that given the opportunity, learners will seek knowledge, skills and attitudes for the betterment of themselves, their community, and the world; that the problems of learners who do not succeed in a regular educational system is of gave concern; that it is the intent of the Board of Education to support an alternative where learners are provided with a variey of education opportunities and options to meet their needs; that parents and the business community are involved in the education process; and that educators use their skills, talents, and creativity to develope quality educational options.

    An alternative school is a living social enterprise that is flexible and adaptable, yet constant in purpose.  It promotes a structure that provides for individual needs.  It encourages creativity, self motivation, individual responibility, self esteem, and individual growth.  To reach these goals teamwork, collaboration, open communication, shared leadership and decision making are important tools and strategies utilized.