• Policy Changes

    Attendance Changes

    Students can have 5 tardies per semester.  On the 6th tardy and every tardy thereafter, the student will have detention after school.  Detention must be served the day of the tardy violation.

    Fifth Period Tardies

    If a student receives a fifth tardy for their fifth period class, their open campus will be closed.  Students would not be able to leave campus during lunch.


    The purpose of these changes is to improve our attendance rate for our 1st and 5th period classes.  We had a large increase last year for these periods, and we want to be proactive this year.


    Homecoming and Prom dances are extra-curricular activities, and to promote academics we are requiring all students to be academically eligible in order to attend the dances.  A student would not be able to attend if they have two "Fs" the Monday of the dance.