• Bernadatte Botha (Substance Abuse Leader)

    Room Number: 258

    Email bernadette.botha@morgan.k12.co.us

    Phone Number: (970-867-5648)

    Ext. 46258


    1. Fort Morgan High School
    2. Fort Morgan Middle School
    3. Lincoln High School

    Work info:

    Works under the School Health Professional Grant that provides schools with extra resources for substance use, behavioral issues and mental health.

    Admin, SRO, counselors and the court are those who can give referrals to her.

    Teachers and parents also refer students to her, and a handful of students are self referrals. 




    Commit to Quit

    Commit to Quit:

    Five students, ranging from seniors to first-year students are in the group.

    These students have partnered with the tobacco unit  of the North Eastern Colorado Health Department, and presented to middle schoolers and other high schoolers about the dangers of vaping. 

    They also research legal and medical information on vaping by interviewing doctors, law enforcement, judges, nurses, etc. This group was created last year, and is continuing to grow and develop.