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“Don’t go outside and play in the rain”

When the rainfall comes,
It is summer and the weather is hot.
When the rainfall comes,
My friends like to run and have fun.
We played soccer in the rainfall
My friend broke his hand.
The doctor gave his advice: “Don’t go outside and play in the rain”
This history happened in Africa. The year was 2012

"It was my birthday Still the worst day"

Alexis AguayoThe smell of rain on a summer night
Not too cold, not too hot, but just right.
The long, quiet ride to get to you
While she was waiting for me too.
Approaching the scene still in shock,
We still waited for the clock.
The car turned upside down
Made my knees drop to the ground.
The rush in the room
Changed my mood.
As the clock struck 12, I knew I was not well.
It was my birthday
Still the worst day.
My sister in that bed
Caused stress to my head.
Now I look back on that night
In remembrance of that fright
I appreciate your presence
Your being okay was the best present.

"The unforgiving scent that no one will forget"

The Gray Clouds

The gray clouds
Were filled with rain
I could smell
From my window
The unforgiving scent that no one will forget
The rain falls on the tree
Lands in the grass giving it life
Drops of the rain
Put a smile on a face and I rushed out to play
Seeing billions of drops of rain and
A sky covered with gray and white clouds

Ana marquez

"you notice that nature is so beautiful even when the most hated seasons come by"

Walking through the frightening trail, crunch, crunch is heard under your feet. Admiring the clouds that have laid themselves on top of the treetops, you notice that nature is so beautiful even when the most hated seasons come by.
As time goes by, everything begins to change as a new season kicks in.
Everything begins to bloom, from trees to flowers.
Vivid colors begin to appear.
Nature is an amazing site even when seen at its darkest stages.

"Change can be good"

Cold Change
Everything Changes.
Summer soon turns to winter,
Blue fades into grey
Something that was warm,
Turns cold when you walk away.
The cold is needed.
It shelters the soul,
Prepares it for the warmth.
Change can be good.


"But with time I did'nt recognize who she was"

I had what I thought I’d have for a lifetime - friendship.
I experienced something that I didn’t think I ever would
And something that I wouldn’t wish anyone to ever go through I had lost my best friend.
Not only do I miss the friendship but I miss the bond.
How close we were to each other was incredible
We looked so much alike as well as acted alike
But with time I didn’t recognize who she was.
Things Change as well as people change.
Not everything is set in stone-
If so things would be great
If there were no rivalry there’d be no hatred
But not Everyone thinks alike.

Dakoda Prevost

"Some fear me, some accept me, and some try to avoid me"

Let’s get serious.
I am not death, you will think I am
I am not asked for, I just happen
Some fear me, some accept me, and some try to avoid me
I come and go as I please I am in the weather, in you, in technology,
I’m everywhere
You can try to hide, but I will find you
I can be timed or timeless.
I will live forever.
I am change

"Love everyone like they are of your own blood"

You can’t change the whole world,
However you can change YOUR world
You can change the way you treat people
Lend a helping hand to those in need
Be more self-less and less selfish
Love everyone like they are of your own blood
Inspire people to do the
same so they can change others
Positivity and love becomes contagious
Strangers becomes friends
Friends become family
And family is STRONG
Change is a process, not an event


"Changing his perspective on his son’s laziness"

In a foggy morning Mother takes me to the mall
To pick up shoes I have bought
Making the value twice as much.
Going home knowing work is worth
Showing my father
Who gazes at the shoes for a moment
He looks up proudly
Seeing that his son works hard for it
Changing his perspective on his son’s laziness.
Making the father glad his son’s working
Remembering and living in it again.

"Wrecking my ranger made me a more cautious individual"

Ranger Wreck
Two summers ago, my dad and I went to a charity corn pick. Everything went well all day. My dad brought the Polaris Ranger to haul corn from one end of the field to the other. After all the corn was picked, Trevor and I hopped into the Ranger to help my dad. As we drove back to the other end of the field, we gained speed. Dad merged to the right and
the front tire hooked the deep sprinkler track. As it sucked us in, we all thought we would tip and slide on the Ranger’s side but that was not the case. The Ranger hooked and flung itself in the air doing front flips while we bailed out. When I hit the ground, I realized that life can end in a flash. Since that day, I am a more cautious individual.


"Different experiences in life change people differently"

The “Change” Poem
There is a lot of change in the world
Pennies, dimes, quarters and nickels
All this “change” has different values
Some have greater value than others
Like “change” has different values,
Different experiences in life change people differently
The greater the value of “change”
The greater impact it has on someone's life
Pennies are the small changes in life
Nickels are the intermediate change
Dimes are big changes and
Quarters are the biggest change possible
There is a lot of change in the world.


"12 red Roses haunt me every night"

12 red Roses.
12 red Roses for the most beautiful girl.
I give to the love of my life 12 red Roses.
Those Roses changed everything.
I was a young, stupid kid in love.
She was happy but also nervous
For the 12 red Roses.
She came to me on her phone.
I told her I’d sent the 12 red Roses.
She just looked at her phone.
I was so stupid and blind
All I could see was that she was ignoring me.
12 red Roses made me destroy a relationship.
12 red Roses blinded me in anger
12 red Roses haunt me every night.
She loved me in an innocent way
Nobody had ever given her 12 red Roses.
She was nervous and didn’t know how to react I got mad because I didn’t understand
Now I see it.
12 red Roses I regret every day.
12 red Roses changed everything.
12 red Roses I wish I had never sent


"Eternally bound to my ensnared psyche of reckless actions "

Twilight and Dawn As the cordial rays of a star long passed found there way to me, I felt it leak.
It was a sudden and profound leak, one that would leave me weak.
What admirable aid or acts I have accomplished have left me anyway.
I am but a husk of a past someone; one that would fight against the fray.
The star has passed now, and I; I am left sitting here in this frigid grass.
Gawking at the ceaseless void, entangling it’s indifference into a depravity of my own.
Eternally bound to my ensnared psyche of reckless actions, endlessly replaying in a labyrinth of reflective glass.
Was it I? Have I subjected myself to this malicious fate unknown?
In my own loathing, I failed to realize the reality.
Everything I needed was simply arising behind me.
The star reappears and I am reminded that the end is not near.
As dusk turns to dawn, I too am revived in a world that I hold so dear.


"I could take them from him Or fight with him so I could get them."

New White Jordans

It was a hot day
When were at school in New York.
My best friend bought new white Jordans
I saw them, I could take them from him
Or fight with him so I could get them.
At school everyone saw someone
Who had those new white Jordans.
And I felt mad at my friend
He bought those white Jordans before me.
Today I still remember
Those new white Jordans
When I saw my friend buy them.


"Ticking away, time is the cause of change "

From one second to another, it's not the same
One moment, a house; the next one, a flame.
Red roses in a vase, eventually, they die
Born a caterpillar; killed, a butterfly
The crimson sunrise, to the orange sunset
In the oven, dough, but out; a baguette
Once a small puppy, now a playful dog
Youthful, a small piglet, raised into a wild hog
The beauty of marriage, the ugliness of divorce,
The serene forest, now a golf course
They were your friends once, now shallow and cold
Young for now, until we grow old
Ticking away, time is the cause of change
Simple and sluggish, yet quick and strange


"Sometimes I forget that you let us have forever only for the satisfaction of stealing it away again"

I feel like sometimes people forget the miracle that we are.
For a moment I had forgotten as well.
To: The Universe
I feel our layers flaking,
You are sick with pica
Chewing our skin in frantics.
These muscles don’t fit on my bones anymore.
My exhaustion is seeping.
Nothing feels natural right now.
Some people die from chickenpox, you know.
The common fever could kill an infant, you know.
The common cold could catch us yet, you know.
All of my cartilage was stripped away in the rush of it all
In the quick,
“I love you but I have to leave you” of it all
An empty reminder that sometimes forevers
Only lasts six months,
Three weeks,
Ten days,
Others a quick minute,
A turn of the cheek,
A fingertip against a fingertip moment,
Sometimes I forget that you let us have forever only for the satisfaction of stealing it away again.
But today you cannot steal this, my mother’s legs, magnificent archways this small miracles is carried from.
I didn’t believe it.
Not for a while, that is.
Wrapped her fingers around my thumb,
And believe me when I say in that moment I felt healed.
You were healed.
Suddenly I had this thing to protect, a small piece of
The Universe that was somehow beautiful again.
Even more amazing that she was, in a way, a part of me.
To: The Universe
I never once believed that single entity could change the way someone saw you.
I don’t hate you the way I used to.
In turn, I’ve started loving you; picking myself apart in miracles so I can understand how to fit my muscles on tighter, how to get better without choking on cough syrup,
How to hold onto forevers even when sometime their physical is gone.
I am part of the woodwork keeping you sealed.
As is she.


"You took a piece of my heart leaving a pit of emptiness in my life"

“Bright In The Sky”

You’re a starlight in the dark bright in the sky
A memory in my heart one that will never die
Heaven took you sooner than we thought almost in a blink of an eye
You took a piece of my heart leaving a pit of emptiness in my life
I carry your last words the ones said last July
How no matter the distance you’ll be there when I cry
I miss you endlessly
I’ll love you without goodbye because one day
I’ll meet you in heaven
We’ll be bright in the sky