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    RFP Number:       2023-1

    Date Posted:          06-26-23

    Closing Date:        07-06-23, Thursday, 4:00 pm

    Email Address:


    Project Name:  Digital Copier – Printer Lease and Maintenance

                                                         Morgan County School District Re-3

                                                        715 West Platte Ave

                                                        Fort Morgan, CO  80701

     Morgan County School District Re-3 is looking for a lease proposal to replace 11 devices with new devices equivalent to Kyocera 6054ci machines.  Proposals must include service agreement with same day (8 business hours) repair and include the cost for black and white images and color images. 

    The vendor should specify any additional services or incentives that will be offered to the District and included in the quoted price.  Any incentives must be identified in the proposal.


    RPF for Copiers