• Fall play - Dystopia: The Hungry Maze Game of Divergent Death

    Trapped against their will in a dystopian future, a group of teens must battle against emotionally sensitive guards, limited budgets, and the trigger-happy Gamemaster to be proclaimed the winner. When the odds are this absurdly bleak, it seems certain that only the main character will make it out alive -- but first the contestants must decide who the main character is.

  • Cast

    Gamemaster | Josiah Williams
    Guard 1 | Niddian Garcia Garcia
    Guard 2 | David Alvarez

    The Contestants:

    White | Rhonnel Akele
    Blue/Zombie/Origami | Mary Ann Hill
    Pink/Judge 1 | Javi Rodriguez
    Brown/Judge 2 | Taya McBride
    Red/Show Person 2 | Rory Pliley
    Green/Gamemaster 2 | Leland Cooley
    Lavender/Zombie | Sophia McGrory
    Purple/Zombie | Rayne Garcia
    Mauve/Judge 3/Fashion Sense | Jay Bower
    Paisley/Show Person 1 | Melina Richards
    Black/Beat Boxing/Zombie | Johnny Prouty
    Magenta | Lizzy Gross
    Violet/Guard 3 | Yarely Uribe
    Orange/Guard 4 | Briana Ansbach
    Mr. Cuddles | Max Grenemyer
    Teal | Claire Dalrymple
    Navy | Jesus Espinoza


    Director | Morgan Larsen
    Assistant Director | Tahais Guerrero
    Stage Manager | Liam Garvin
    Assistant Stage Manager | Wakea Bohling
    Costumers | Nalleli Flores Robles & Adrian Uribe
    Props Master | Seamus Garvin
    DMX Lights | Emily Baker
    Lights | Zach Ridl
    Sound | Ezekiel Elswick
    Spotlight | Tyler Hedke & Sarai Garcia Garcia