• Fall Musical- Radium Girls

    Radium Girls is based on the true story of young female factory workers in the 1910s-1920s who used radium-based paint to paint the numbers on the dials of watches and clocks. Back then, little was known about the dangers of radium, and it was thought to be safe, even healthy. The women suffered horrible illnesses and then died because of their exposure. Radium Girls is about their fight for justice in the time before their deaths, as the company they worked for took no responsibility for what happened to them. 



    Mery Akele

    Miss Wiley, Harriet, MacNeil, public 

    Rhonnel Akele

    Flinn, store owner

    Alicia Alton

    Sob Sister, factory girl

    David Alvarez

    Markley, Photographer, Public

    Jay Bower

    Reporter, Venecine salesman

    Jake Carroll

    Arthur Roeder

    Olivia Clise

    Grace Fryer

    Leland Cooley

    Bailey, Drinker, Lovesick Cowboy

    Brian Fabian Tzun

    Berry, Martland

    Kristen Frasco

    Kathryn, Society Woman

    Niddian Garcia

    Mrs. Fryer, customer, factory girl, public

    Jasmine Granillo

    Mrs. Roeder, Board Member #3, factory girl

    Max Grenemeyer

    Lee, Court/Judge, Elderly Widow

    Elizabeth Gross

    Irene, Board Member #2, public

    Taya McBride

    Madame Curie, Mrs. Michaels, factory girl, public

    Seydi Nevarez

    Clerk, shopgirl, Board Member #1, factory girl

    Axyl Pliley

    Von Sochocky, Male shopper, public

    Caleb Siegling

    Tom, Knef


    Anna McDonald, Kylie Schnegelberger