• Spring Play - The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes


    Upstart detectives Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are on their first case. Their client, a young H.G.  Wells, has hired the novice detectives to find a manuscript by Arthur Conan Doyle.  Hiding from their angry landlord, Holmes and Watson duck into Wells’s time machine, push a few buttons, and soon find themselves in the 21st century.  They end up at the Freudly Institute, where they meet Marilyn Monroe, George Washington, Tarzan, Emily Dickinson, Count Dracula, Lizzie Borden, and Queen Victoria.  Actually, these are patients at the institution with grandiose delusions that they are these famous characters, which explains why Holmes is treated like just another patient!  And they think Watson is his doctor who’s just “playing along”! When the body of an unknown victim is found on the grounds of the institute, Holmes sets out to uncover the clues, while trying to prove that he is the real Sherlock Holmes.  
    Sherlock Holmes - Kordell Tibbetts
    Marilyn Monroe - Sarah Bullard
    George Washington - Gaige Stroh
    Queen Elizabeth - Angelica del Campo
    Tarzan - Montana Ebert
    Count Dracula - Florian Pruchner
    Emily Dickinson - Trinity Ebert
    Man in Black - Dayton Fairo
    Maid/Housekeeper - Maria Valenzuela 
    Chief Investigator - Emily Hernandez