The Crew

  • Elinore Hedrickson: Assistant Director
    Taj Kaur: Head of Run Crew
    Judah Doughty: Run Crew
    Mya Blanco: Run Crew
    Ella McIndoe: Run Crew
    Johnny Prouty: Run Crew
    Chris Riddle: Run Crew
    Emma Montez: Run Crew
    Cameron Bond: Run Crew
    Rachel Creighton: Costumes and Publicity 
    Audrey Greenwood: Costumes and Puplicity 
    Haric Curtis: Lights, Sound, FX
    Westin Russell: Lights, Sound, FX
    Carmen Zhu: Spotlight
    Lissett Gonzalez: Spotlight
    Laura Orozco: Makeup
    Emilie Garcia: Makeup
    Trent Miller: House
    Ella Perry: Publicity and House


The Pit

  • Jenny Stream: Violin 1 
    Dalyla Moon: Violin 2
    Kelsey Kalous; Violin 3
    Kaelyn Cavaleri: Viola 
    Makayla Dickerson: Viola 
    Nicolas Clark: Cello 
    Bailey Whitney: Bass
    Kathryn Wirth: Flute 
    Kirsten Smith: Flute
    Jennifer Juarez: Clarinet
    Kendra Edgerton: Clarinet
    Emily Hernandez: Woodwinds
    Autumn Edgerton: Alto Saxaphone
    Jared Baker: Baritone Saxaphone
    Jacob Graff: Trumpet
    Cory Whitney: Trumpet 
    Hannah Graff: French Horn 
    Nicholas LeMaire: Trombone 
    Citlaly Quiroz: Precussion 
    Shawn Lowry: Precussion

The Cast

  • Kyla Carpenter as Dorthy

    Kyla is playing Dorthy as her final musical as a Senior. This is her 13th production with FMHS. She plans to attend Regis University. One of her favorite things about doing the musical is getting to have a second family for almost 10 years. 

    Simon Graff as the Scarecrow/Hunk 

    Simon Graff is a Junior playing the Scarecrow. He's been in many productions during high school. His favorite role, however, is definitely the scarecrow. 

    Kyle Wunsch as the Tin Man/Hickory

    Kyle Wunsch is a junior playing the Tin Man. He loves trap-shooting and acting and singing. He just likdes to hang out with friends during his free time. 

    Chrisnel Akele as the Cowardly Lion/Zeke

    Chrisnel Akele is a Junior playing the Cowardly Lion. He enjoys soccer and singing and dancing in the musical. He's an active member of his church youth group and spends a lot of time taking care of his siblings.

    Montana Ebert as the Wizard of Oz/Professor Marvel

    Montana Ebert is a Senior playing the Great and Powerful Oz. His favorite role was the Devil in The Grimm Brothers Spectaculathon. He plans to train for the MMA after he graduates. 

    Savannah Reagan as Glinda the Good Witch/Auntie Em

    Savannah Reagan is a Junior in her fourth show, this time as Glinda the good witch. She enjoys cheeseburgers and the color pink. In her free time, she likes to take pictures or lay in bed and eat. 

    Sarah Bullard as the Wicked Witch of the West/Miss Gulch  

    Sarah Bullard is a Senior playing the Wicked Witch of the West. She loves Disney movies and horror movies. In the past she played Sleeping Beauty, Marilyn Monroe, and Snow White. 

    Ben Garduno as Uncle Henry/Emerald City Guard

    Ben Garduno i s a Sophomore in his first role at FMHS. He runs cross country and is a musician. He's going to continue his music into adulthood as a career.

    Angela Antonio 

    Angela Antonio is a Freshman. She loves Mexican food and the color yellow. Her favorite thing about the musical, so far, has been seeing it all coming together.  

    Felipe Antonio 

    Felipe Antonio is a Sophomore in his first role. His favorite season is winter, and his favorite color is blue. His favorite song is "Love on the Brain" by Rihanna. 

    Carlos Avilos 

    Carlos Avilos is a Sophomore in his first role, as a Winkie. His favorite song is "Despacito" and he loves Mexican food. One day, Carlos wants to be a zoologist.

    Cameron Bond 

    Cameron Bond is a Sophomore. He once played The Raping Mirror in "The Rockin' Tail of Snow White". He loves every season, but winter. After high school, he plans oto enlost and serve our country. 

    Sandrine Bruns 

    Sadrine Bruns is a Junior foreign exchange student from Germany. This is her first experience in drama. She loves the cast and is glad to be part of the play. Sandrine wants to one day go to college in America. 

    Trinity Ebert

    Trinity Ebert is a Sophomore. She was previously in "The Secret Life of Sherlock Holmes" last spring. Her favorite food is fried bread and woshappi, and her favorite color is emerald green. 

    Dayton Fairo 

    Dayton Fairo is a Sophomore in his third role. His favorite role so far has been Cinderella's father in "Into the Woods". He loves acting and wants to someday be a professional actor. 

    Ireland Gaddis 

    Ireland Gaddis is a Junior. She enjoys hanging out with her family and friends. She hopes to one day own a thousand golden retrievers. She was named after Alec Baldwin's daughter. 

    Jasmine Granillo 

    Jasmine Granillo is a Freshman participating in drama for the fist time. Her favorite song is "Fools" by Troye Sivan. She's very into music and plans to one day have a career as a musician. 

    Abby James

    Abby James is a Freshman in her fourth role at FMHS. She enjoys watching baseball and playing tennis. Abby has been involved in drama since fifth grade. 

    Katheryn Lane 

    Katheryn Lane in a Junior. Her favorite season is autumn and she knows every word of "American Pie" by Don Mclean. In the future, she plans to study biochemical engineering at the School of Mines.

    Elizabeth Liston 

    Elizabeth Liston is a Sophomore playing a munchkin, an Ermerald City person, and a Jitterbug. she enjoys listening to music and riding bikes with her friends. 

    Alex Mendoza 

    Alex Mendoza is a Freshman in his first role. He loves the cast and he loves acting. His favorite song is "Death of a Bachelor" by Panic! At the Disco.

    Avery Osborn 

    Avery Osborn is new to Fort Morgan High School this year as a Junior. At her old school, she was in "Cinderella the Musical". Her favorite thing about the musical this year is meeting new people.

    Ian Reyez 

    Ian Reyez is a Senior in his fourth role. He loves chicken, green, and winter. He enjoys singing, reading books, and sleeping a lot. 

    Matayea Smith 

    Matayea Smith is a Freshman in her third production. She loves sleeping, watching Netflix, and eating mac and cheese. One day she hopes to become a baker. 

    Dustin Turner 

    Dustin Turner is a Sophomore, and is playing several roles this year, including a flying monkey, jitterbugm and an acrobatic custodian. He is also a member of the football team.

    Desiree Vasquez

    Desiree Vasquez is a Sophomore in first dramatic role at FMHS. Her favorite season is summer and she loves to play soccer. one day, Desiree wants to be a mechanic or a nurse. 

    Sarah Vincete 

    Sarah Vicente is a Sophomore. Her favorite thing about the musical is the people she's met and gets to spend time with.

    Emilee Wells 

    Emilee Wells is a Freshman in her fifth role in FMHS drama. She loves to eat pasta and meet new people. After high school, she plans on attending medical school.

    Cody Wilson 

    Cody Wilson is a Freshman and this is the first time he's been involved in drama. He enjoys the choreography and the singing. He's a good artist and he likes the color black. 

    Paisley Starner

    Paisley Starner is a spunky and cute five year old, Yorkshire Terrier, playing her first onstage role as Toto. She was rescued by the Starner family when she was just a puppy. At home she has two human brothers who she loves to chase and be just as ornery as they are; she never leaves their sides.