• Teach Today Lead Today - Alternative Teacher/Principal Licensure Program

      Teach Today Lead Today is approved by the Colorado Department of Education as an alternative teacher or principal licensure program designed for people who would like to be a licensed teacher or principal in the state of Colorado, but who have not yet completed a teacher or principal licensure program. This program is located in Fort Morgan and is open to neighboring districts in addition to Fort Morgan.   Learn More

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    Morgan County Schools recently discovered a cybersecurity incident impacting its network environment. We are currently working with a team of forensic experts to fully understand the extent and implications of this incident and to restore operations within a safe and remediated network environment.  We apologize for the operational disruption that this event may have caused, or continue to cause, until a safe restoration of services has been completed. 


    While these types of situations have become all-too-common nationwide, we recognize the significance of this event and have quickly taken the appropriate steps to address it.  Our comprehensive assessment is ongoing and may span several weeks.  Part of the assessment will include an analysis of whether personal information related to students, faculty and alumni are involved.  Law enforcement has been notified. If we determine that personal information was involved in the incident, we will notify those individuals in accordance with applicable law. Rest assured that we are committed to sharing more information as soon as it becomes available.


    Nothing is more important to us now than allowing our systems to operate seamlessly again, and please be assured that we are sparing no effort to continue to allow us to provide the highest service to the Morgan County Schools community.  Morgan County Schools remains fully committed to the protection of student and faculty information, systems security, and data privacy. 


    El District Escolar de Morgan County ha descubierto un incidente con la seguridad cibernetica que ha impacto nuestro sistem de seguridad. Estamos trabajando con un equipo forense profesionales para poder comprender la magnitud y implicaciones del incidente y para poder restaurar nuestras operaciones con un entorno seguro y remediado. Les pidemos disculpas por las interpucionas que este evento ha cuasado y podra seguir causando hasta que podamos resolver nuestras redes con seguridad.


    Aunque estes tipos de situaciones se han vuelto muy comunes nacionalmente, reconocemos el significado de este evento y hemos tomado los pasos necesarios para poder resolverlo. Parte de nuestra investigacion es determinar se la informacion de nuestros estudiantes, empleados, y anteriores almunos ha sido incluida en el incidente. La policia ha sido notificada. Si por algun caso, determinamos que la informacion personal has sido incluido en el incidente, notificaremos a esas personas de acuerto con la ley aplicable. 


    Nada es mas importante para nostros que restaurar nuestros sistemas para poder operar nuevamente y porfavor esten seguros que estamos trabajando y colaborando con esfuerzo para poder proveer el mejor servicio a las escuelas de Morgan County. El Distrito Escolar de Morgan County segui comprometido en proteger la informacion de nuestros estudiantes y facultad, sistema de seguridad, y nuestra privacidad de datos.


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